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Enterprise Application Architect

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O pozici

To strengthen our team of Application Architecture (a part of Enterprise Architecture of the CSOB Group), we look for an energetic and motivated colleague for the job of an application architect. She/he should enjoy the world of modern technologies, to possess conceptual architectonic thinking as well as courage and skills to cope with complex projects and programs. The mission of Application Architecture is to care for application portfolio of the CSOB Group, either via participation in projects and programs that support transformation towards our digital future and thus require changes in application portfolio, or to ensure good results of such changes via creation of architectonic concepts and long-term planning of evolution of the CSOB Group application portfolio.

Co bude Vaše práce

You should
  • be able to think as our customers and really care for their needs and wishes,
  • enjoy working with people as the be nice or unpleasant,
  • have courage, self-confidence, perseverance but also be polite and strive to help in all situations,
  • be curious and love learning new things,
  • enjoy tackling complex problems, thinking about how things work and search for novel solutions,
  • want to leave traces, push through your ideas and make reality out of a PowerPoint,
  • be able to combine abstract thinking with practical details and common sense,
  • easily write simple and understandable explanations of complex problems,
  • speak Czech and English like Čapek and Orwell (excellent command of at least one of these languages is absolute must),
  • love the work in IT and have demonstrable and verifiable experience with it,
  • have relevant experience with the work of IT architect, ideally in a bank, insurance company or another financial institution,
  • understand modern technologies, in particular those related to public clouds – real-life verifiable experience is a decisive advantage,

Nabízené Benefity

We offer
  • participation in projects implementing cutting-edge solutions for different business areas, not only those mentioned above,
  • a lot of demanding conceptual and practical tasks with cut-throat deadlines,
  • real impact of your ideas and solution on millions of customers of a large financial group,
  • intelligent, interesting, stimulating, demanding but friendly and helpful colleagues who will teach you everything they know and will want to learn from you,
  • work in architectonic awards-winning headquarters of CSOB,
and of course salary and work benefits corresponding to your achievements.

How to apply
If you think this is the right job for you, please fill in the required data and attach your CV – and do not forget to write a few words about yourself, your experience, hobbies, and why we should choose you and not someone else.

Be creative and stand out of the crowd! Good luck to you!


Základní údaje o pracovní pozici

Enterprise Application Architect
Typ pracovního poměru:
Práce na plný úvazek
Místo výkonu práce:
Praha, Česká republika
Minimální stupeň vzdělání:
Středoškolské nebo odborné vyučení s maturitou
Další informace o volném místě:
Pozice není vhodná pro OZP.

Kontaktní údaje

Kontaktní osoba:
Markéta Hajdari
Mám zájem o nabídku Enterprise Application Architect

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